Make 2016 the year you discover your pearl beyond price

by | Dec 29, 2015

Newsletter, December 2015


This email is a kickstarter campaign.
I am kickstarting your imagination, giving it permission to dream of what might be possible in 2016.
Of course, dreams can come true! But you know the one thing that holds back your dreams more then anything else?
Its your mind. For as long as you have limiting beliefs, so too will you experience a world full of limits.
But…it ain’t easy to free yourself from limiting beliefs. They are often deeply ingrained in your psyche. To get free, we all need sustained commitment, discipline, skill, support. And being the end of this year, now is the perfect time to make the commitment you require to live the magical life you fully deserve.
You know the phrase ‘The world is your oyster’. Well, it comes from a person who clearly had the discipline to overcome limiting beliefs….Shakespeare, of course! From The Merry Wives of Windsor. Here is the script below:
           Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny.
           Pistol: Why then the world’s mine oyster, which I with sword will open.
           Falstaff: Not a penny.
As was often the case with Shakespeare, his best phrases have a double meaning. In this case, Pistol did not get the money he was hoping for from Falstaff, so instead he declares that his fortune can be found out in the world. However, the use of the oyster as a metaphor shows here that, although our dreams can indeed be realised in the world, it takes commitment, dedication, and skill to find our oyster, prise it open, and get the pearl we desire.
But how do we find our pearl in the first place?
What if I told you that the pearl you so deeply desire is buried inside your heart?
What if I told you that all of your seeking for this pearl outside of your self is driven by fear, and can and will only ever result in disappointment?
What if I told you that true love, peace, abundance, joy can only ever be found inside?
This is the truth as I know it, embody it, and increasingly live it in my own life. The strangest thing is how easy this truth is to realise in a moment…and how rapidly we forget.
As with Pistol’s hunt for pearls, to really abide in this state of peace, abundance, joy, love, this takes commitment, dedication, skill, and support.
And so here is my personal mission for 2016: to support as many people as possible to move from abiding in a state of fear to abiding in a state of love.
I look forward to helping you on that journey to your pearl beyond price in whatever way, shape or form I can.
Here are just some of the ways and means I am dedicated to serve you by in 2016:
  • I will carry on supporting you 1-1. In my private practice, I help you get to the very roots of your stress, anxiety, low moods, confusion, lack of fulfilment. Once we get to the roots, I help you weed out this source of negativity, and replace it with total empowerment, deep fulfillment, and abiding, awakened love. In this last year, I have been seeing some really incredible results. In just 3 sessions, I saw a couple move from ‘just filed for divorce’ to laughing and crying together in love, wholeheartedly recommitting to each other for the rest of their lives. Helping clients such as these to abide more in authentic, courageous love has been my greatest joy. In 2016, I am refining my service into 12- week and 6-month programmes, combining psychotherapy, transformational coaching and deep mindfulness. These programmes are designed to be playful, powerful, and heart-focused. I have very limited spaces opening up in 2016, so if you are interested get in touch.
  • I will be leading an amazing retreat in a very beautiful location. There will be meditation, yoga, connection, sacred ritual, nature walks, and seriously delicious nutritious food. Dates and details to be confirmed.
  • My wife and I are teaming up to write a book. The book is all about introducing ancient wisdom into modern lives. I can’t share any more for now, but I will say its going to be really beautiful:)
  • I am developing a digital tool that will be your very own ‘guru in your pocket’. I will be looking for people to test the tool at some point through the year, so please if you are interested let me know.
I will leave you with a quote from one of my favourite spiritual teachers, A.H. Almaas:
” The pearl beyond price, the incomparable pearl, the personal aspect of Essence is central for many important reasons. It is actually the true essential personality. It is the person. It is experienced as oneself. When the individual finally perceives it, the contented expression often is “but this is me!” The sense is of oneself as a precious being. There is then a fullness, a completeness, and a contentment. It is as if the individual feels full and complete, realized. Nothing is lacking. No more search, no desire or wanting anything else. The person feels ‘now I have myself. I am a complete individual. I am full. I am fullness. I am complete. I want nothing else.'”
Whatever your personal commitments for 2016, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to stay connected to your pearl beyond price.
Wishing all you precious beings a wonderful, magical, peaceful Holidays and a whole lot of Love and Pearl for 2016.
With all my Love