“This is a treasure trove of the best books, podcasts, videos, meditations, poems that I have collected over the years. May they bring you peace, strength, wisdom, compassion, and boundless joy.”


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Grief is an emotional energy that wants to move through us when something we cherish is lost. The pain of grief is designed to be useful, transformational. A potential awakening is contained on its dark and powerful wings.


Trauma is inevitable in a human life. The question is, how can you grow through it?


Shadow is a term to describe the dark space where all the parts of us that havent been accepted – by our families, our community, ourselves – hang out. When we work with the Shadow, we are shining a light into the darkness, unleashing energy that has been trapped, transforming this energy into creativity, compassion, and community.


Radical Alchemy refers to wisdom practices and perspectives that contain elements of both inner and outer transformation. Radical means getting beneath the surface, going deep to tend to the roots of a problem. Alchemy is an ancient model for transformation that holds a central truth: ‘as above, so below’ – what is happening beneath the surface is reflected in what we see above ground.


Resources for and about children, including kids books with great emotional wisdom, meditation apps for kids, parenting wisdom, and clinical resources for child mental health practitioners.


The best spiritual resources I have found in my inner and outer travels.

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