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A note from Louis

We humans are getting a bit of a bad reputation.

Greedy predators gobbling up our planet.
Dark magicians making tools that distract and divide.
The loneliest social creature on Earth.

But we are also capable of so much beauty and love, tenderness and joy.

The human heart is magnificent.

I help people master the art of being a human in this mad and beautiful world.

I can help you heal your deepest wounds, listen to the wisdom of your heart, and focus on what matters most.

I work with everyone from parents and teachers, to children and social entrepreneurs.

I believe a more beautiful world is possible.
(ps. it begins right now).


Your Guide to Raising Children in
a Turbulent World

For over 20 years, I have guided children and grown-ups through the toughest challenges life can throw at us – loss, trauma, divorce, burnout and breakdowns. This book will teach you (and your kids) the most simple, and effective techniques to shift from victimhood to empowerment, from chaos to peace, and from hopelessness to hope.

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Work with me

Redefining Success

1-1 therapeutic coaching for leaders chasing an idea of success that is leading you to burnout.

Warriors of the Heart

A transformational community for heart-centered humans committed to growing a more beautiful world.

For Organisations

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Cutting Through
The Noise

Hello, can you hear me?

The world is so noisy, it’s difficult to hear one another.

We are drowning in content!

My promise to you is that this newsletter will be your tuning fork, empowering you with practical tools to cut through the noise, to tune into the wisdom of your heart, and to focus on what matters most.

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