Growing Through the Cracks

by | Jul 30, 2020

We grow through the cracks.
The ground opens beneath us.
In beauty we rise.
Have you noticed how nature finds a way? Flowers rise through concrete, trees grow from ruins, and a family of foxes have taken nest under my shed. When the human footprint fades, nature returns.
We are called in this time to return to our own nature, to allow our own natural beauty to rise through the cracks opening in the ground.
For glimpses of your basic nature, spend time with a child. Watch their tender open hearts, see their profound wonder for the smallest of things, step into a time beyond time with them.
Most of all notice how their innocence, their vulnerability, their unguarded imperfections break our hearts open. As Leonard Cohen says, ‘there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.’
We have spent too long chasing perfection. We lost our way. We forget that our beauty grows through the cracks, not by papering over them.
So please take some time this week to fall in love with one of your most exquisite imperfections. See the original innocence shining through this crack in your being.  And extend this light to another whose innocence you have forgotten. See if you can fall in love with one exquisite imperfection of someone close to you. Enjoy the dance. Watch the beauty grow.
Because nature always finds a way.
All My Love