Tick Tock – A Poem For When We Feel Anxious About Time Passing

by | Mar 29, 2023

a poem about the passing of time

I don’t care how spiritual you are,

Or how much cosmic consciousness you radiate.

The truth is,

Our time is limited,

In this one precious life.

Tick tock.

How we spend our time matters,

Matters so much,

We avoid thinking about it.

And just plough on,

Headless chickens.

Tick Tock.

How should we spend our time?

Each moment, a possible decision,

A cutting off of possibilities.

Peter Pan does not like this.

The crocodile is chasing us.

Tick tock.

We don’t like cutting off possibilities,

Because what if…?

What if we made the wrong choice?

What if we are focusing on the wrong project?

What if we are with the wrong partner?

What if we are wasting our time?

What if we don’t succeed?

Tick, tock.

The only way to stop the clock

Is to stop.

Just stop doing things.

Just stop chasing things.

Just stop.

Find that place of stillness,

Where the blossom falls gently,


Let your next step be guided

By the whisper of a wisdom that knows,

Nothing really matters in the end.

Apart from Love.

Ask yourself: what would Love have me do now?