Life & Death Wisdom Course



‘It Is Only When We Face Death That We Become Most Fully Alive’

A meditation journey designed to help you turn towards death and become more fully alive, so that every cell of your heart, your mind, and your body tingles with vitality.
The course contains 6 beautifully crafted lessons, each filled with heart-warming wisdom, and transformative meditations on life, death, grief.
With a balance of personal storytelling, engaging meditations, journal exercises, and transformative wisdom shared from various life and death teachings from across the world, you’ll learn about Death as Life’s Greatest Teacher, How to Befriend the Fear of Death, how to overcome self-sabotage by using Sigmund Freud’s theory of the Life and Death instinct, and the Surprising Magical Power of Grief. By the end of this series, you will have gently and compassionately discovered your answer to perhaps the most important question of all, one from the Zen buddhist tradition:

Since death is certain, and it’s timing uncertain, what is important now?

Image source: Image by lembrik on Freepik