“It Is Only When We Face Death That We Become Most Fully Alive”

A meditation journey designed to help you turn towards death and become more fully alive, so that every cell of your heart, your mind, and your body tingles with vitality.
The course contains 6 beautifully crafted lessons, each filled with heart-warming wisdom, and transformative meditations on life, death, grief.
With a balance of personal storytelling, engaging meditations, journal exercises, and transformative wisdom shared from various life and death teachings from across the world, you’ll learn about Death as Life’s Greatest Teacher, How to Befriend the Fear of Death, how to overcome self-sabotage by using Sigmund Freud’s theory of the Life and Death instinct, and the Surprising Magical Power of Grief. By the end of this series, you will have gently and compassionately discovered your answer to perhaps the most important question of all, one from the Zen buddhist tradition:

 ” Since death is certain, and it’s timing uncertain, what is important now?”


One of Louis proudest moments was when he was gifted an award from the prime minister for his work on Apart of Me.


Louis is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and award-winning Social Entrepreneur. He has spent the last 6 years on a deep exploration of Death, Grief, and what we can learn from these universal experiences. From his work in a Hospice counselling families where a parent had a terminal illness, to his award-winning grief app Apart of Me, Louis has worked extensively in this field, and this course is a curated version of the best insights and lessons he has gained in this time.


“Louis speaks about the ‘unspeakable’ in a way that is gentle, informing, and transformative. His words induce a feeling of safety which is so important when learning about death and the difficult emotions associated with it. In this course, he has struck a perfect balance of ancient and modern wisdom, and lots of practical and experiential elements. Its a really well-designed course that could be of benefit to pretty much everyone, especially now in this challenging time when we all need to face the reality of death and our grief individually and collectively.”

– A D A ,   T H E R A P I S T

“Louis has fulfilled a noble mission that challenges our age-old taboos of death. This course compassionately guides us to face the reality of death and identify its associated fears that unconsciously impact other areas of our life and decisions. Getting in touch with the realities of death and letting it be our teacher opens up a whole new approach to life. Not only does this course reconcile our fears, it transcends unhealthy beliefs and empowers us to live in a way we’ve always wanted – freedom.”

– H E N D R I C K     ‘D K  P H U A,
Author of Daydreams of a Millennial Monk,  Founder of The Hermitage

“Louis is uniquely qualified to facilitate the shifts that yield results in the inner and outer worlds for entrepreneurs. I love the focus and power of his Life and Death course and am excited for anyone able to access such an impactful programme”

– W I L L  P Y E
Transformational Coach & Author of Blessed With a Brain Tumor

Could This Course Help You?

The course is for you if you:

  • are brave enough to turn more deeply towards the reality of death (this course is not for the faint-hearted);

  • realise life is a precious gift and you are worried you are not making the most of it;

  • would like to feel and be more fully alive in each day of your precious life;

  • want to befriend your fear of death so it no longer drives your addictions and unhealthy behaviours;

  • want to open your heart to a greater love and deeper sense of gratitude for the people in your life, which happens when you are able to open to your grief.


How It Works

The course contains 6 beautifully crafted lessons, each filled with heart-warming wisdom, and transformative meditations on life, death, grief.

Each lesson is about 15-minutes in length, there are written exercises and meditations within the lessons, and once you have bought the course you have access to it until death doth you part.


“Death is this teacher, cutting through the unimportant like a sharp knife, bringing things into a crystal clear focus.”

“The pain of grief is designed to be useful, transformational. A potential awakening is contained on its dark and powerful wings.”

“Whatever your unique fears around death, can you find a way to welcome these fears, to see them as deeply compassionate, intelligent communications from the cells in your body, from the innocent force that wants to keep you and those you love alive.”

“Those who spend most of their time avoiding or denying the reality of death, they are often living their lives like zombies… they are not fully alive”