Louis Weinstock Child Psychologist


This is a time of chaos and uncertainty.
A collective unravelling.
All that is solid is melting into air.

  • We feel lonelier than our ancestors.
  • We are lost and confused, because there is a breakdown in shared truth and shared meaning (ps. this makes us feel more alone). There is no North Star to guide us back home.
  • We struggle to focus on what matters most, because of the Attention Economy and all the beep beep, nag, nag, nudge, nudges it feeds into our nervous systems.
  • We get stressed, rushing through life chasing someone else’s dream, addicted to our devices, connected 24/7 to all the drama and suffering of this mad world.
  • We feel depressed, because we have lost those shared, sacred moments where families and communities come together in meaningful, beautiful ways.
  • We are divided and polarised. Conflict is escalating around the world, in real life and online. We are in a new world war, but we don’t realise it, because the biggest weapon of this war is not bombs, or tanks, or suicide bombings:
    its information designed to divide and conquer our hearts.

Humans are fucking up themselves and the planet. But this time of darkness is here to show us our true nature. Humans contain within them the seeds of a more loving, more peaceful, more beautiful world.

How do we awaken this potential?

This community for Warriors Of The Heart is one piece of the puzzle, an offering from my heart to yours. We need to gather together, to create a strong container in which the required transformation can happen. This world needs more humans holding firm to the frequency of Love.

Humans are Amazing

We are Lovers

We know how to come together in community and take care of one another, to create moments of joy, beauty, tenderness and togetherness (this knowledge is written deep in our code).

We are Time Travellers

We know how to visit the past to bring healing, and we know how to vision a more beautiful future. We know how to bend time, by slowing things down and bringing presence and a sense of the sacred into everyday life.

We Meaning Makers

We weave and are woven by beautiful stories, myths, rituals, that give us a shared sense of meaning. We have the power to shape our reality through the stories we tell.

We are Growers of Worlds

One seed at a time, we have for millions of years come together to create visions of the more beautiful tomorrow we want to see.

We are Warriors

We stand up and with fierce compassion we fight for what we believe is true and sacred and needs protecting.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

– Martin Luther King

I am looking for courageous humans to join this community. In an age where powerful actors are seeking to divide and conquer us via troll factories and information war, we are all called to a path of non-violent resistance, to refuse to allow the seeds of division to take root in our hearts. Please read the following and see if these words resonate within your own heart.

Brave enough to face the suffering in the world, but grounded enough to not be overwhelmed by it.

Aware of the impact of information on their minds and bodies, disciplined in protecting themselves from this onslaught, and seekers of wisdom as the antidote to information overload.

Committed to the wish for all human beings to be free from suffering, no matter their race or creed, and willing to dedicate their lives to this path.

Willing to hold in mind paradox and complexity, without collapsing reality into simple binaries of good versus evil.

Have a strong faith in love and unity as the antidote to the hatred and division in this mad world.

Can focus their minds and hearts on the beauty that exists in the world right now, not as a spiritual bypass but as a necessary counter-balance.

If you feel at all moved by this calling,
contact me to join the community.

With Love,